Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Voodoo Warriors of Love - Believe
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Back in the mid-'90s, an almost supernaturally good ambient label, em:t, served up around twenty CDs worth of compilations and albums, before going out of bidness. Recently a full set of these twenty CDs was sold, one at a time, for over $1200 on ebay, to give you a sense of how frickin' tasty they were. Among the zillions of highlights is this fantastic slice of dark ambient funk by Voodoo Warriors of Love, a band who released a grand total of four tracks on em:t and then apparently disappeared into the aethyr - if you, or someone you know, has evidence of the whereabouts of Voodoo Warriors of Love, please notify me immediately! (em:t is apparently putting music out again at last - have they recaptured the magic? I just don't know.)


Anonymous Notts Dub said...

Lenroy "Bassie" Guiste who played bass on the album has just dropped a new album called Roots Rock Dub.

Its a dub album which i think was mixed by John crossely from the group.

5:33 PM  
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