Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

Buy Set Yourself On Fire (Import)

Hi kids, Sean Boy from your local Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage corral and Popadopalis palladium. Michael let me grace you with my presence over here for a couple of weeks, so I'm bombarding, bombing and bitchin' with left-of-center indie rock and hip-hop if I can.

Call me crazy, but I've got a feeling Canada is going to be the new Scotland/Seattle/Omaha in the oh-five. One of the best groups at the big Maple Leaf's band practice is Stars, chums of the already-broken out Broken Social Scene and the waiting to burst Metric. This is the first song from their third album, Set Yourself on Fire. Those rascally canucks got the album in August '04. We've gotta wait till February 22.


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