Sunday, December 12, 2004

Nobs - Work
Buy Workin

Nobs is a young MC from the New York area who I first heard about on message boards a couple of years back. This summer he released his full length album, Workin on Fingerprint Records. I heard his single "Radio" after downloading it from his record label's site and I was instantly hooked. So I checked out the album and it's solid. This is easily one of the better albums I've heard from a smaller artist that I've found on the web. If there's any justice Nobs should get some exposure and sell some albums.

Also, this is probably my last post featuring music that I uploaded. Later today I'll be traveling to my parents house for the holidays and unfortunately they don't have high speed internet. So for the next two weeks I'll be featuring music that is available on record label's websites and other stuff that I've found on the internet. If any record companies/artists out there have anything that they want me to hear, send me an email and a cd and I'll check it out. I'll have plenty of free time. Also, I'm still looking for a few more guest posters to post for me in January. If you're interested send me an email at royalmagazine AT


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