Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Foetus - Cirrhosis Of The Heart (Amon Tobin mix)
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The very concept of the title of this song just completely tickles me; I would say it resonated in my soul, if I actually had one. Foetus released two albums in 2001 - a regular studio album called Flow, and a companion remix album called Blow, featuring mixes by Kid 606, DJ Food, Ursula 1000, and of course, this ass-kicking wonder by his high reverence, Amon Tobin. I certainly respected the aggressively avant-garde craziness of Flow, and the original version of this song is good jazzy fun, but given the excellent, ominous groove of this version, I can't help but heap praise on the decision to also put out these remixes. (And hey, anytime I get to encourage people to buy Blow, I'm happy.)


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