Monday, November 29, 2004

Blockhead - Jet Son (featuring Aesop Rock & Camu Tao)
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Blockhead is known as the man providing Aesop Rock with ill beats (at least before he hooked up with El-P). Being that I am a huge fan of Aesop's Float album (the only one featuring all Blockhead production), I was highly anticipating Blockhead's solo debut on Ninja Tune. As good as Music By Cavelight was, it still had it's flaws. One of the main ones was that it didn't feature vocals. Putting vocals on albums from hip hop producers is totally acceptable. RJD2 did it on Deadringer and Shadow did it on The Private Press. As long as it fits the mood of the album, it gives it an added spice that you just don't get from an hour or so of instrumentals. Anyhow to get back to the main point Blockhead's album dropped and it was good, but it would've been nice to hear some vocals. A few months later and the "Sunday Seance" single is released. And there on the b-side is just the type of song I'm looking for from Blockhead: a Jet Son remix featuring Aesop Rock and Camu Tao.


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