Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Geto Boys - Fuck A War
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I'm trying something different so I can offer all of you more songs. Instead of finding this on the web, I am putting it up on yousendit. I've never used this before, so this is a test run to see how well it works. All I know is that it'll only be up for a limited time and for a limited number of downloads. I don't know the specifics of either, so we will have to wait and see. If it goes down really quickly please email me and let me know, so I can fix it or come up with something better. I hope this works well.
As for the actual track, it's an interesting one. It's kinda funny that this Geto Boys track that was released in 1991 is still incredibly relevant today. Bushwick Bill spits lines that work for either 1991 or 2004 calling out a President Bush with lines like, "Yo Bush! I ain't your damn hoe," and "I ain't gettin' my leg shot off While Bush old ass on t.v. playin' golf."


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