Thursday, October 21, 2004

Five Man Electrical Band - Signs
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Fatboy Slim - Don't Let The Man Get You Down
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I'm not a big Fatboy Slim fan, but I do enjoy listening to original samples. Fatboy Slim's "Don't Let The Man Get You Down" samples the line "And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply," from the song "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band. When I heard the Fatboy Slim song, I knew I had heard the line before. I did some research into it and sure enough the song sampled was a minor hit, so I'd probably remembered it from an oldies station. Signs reached number 3 on the Billboard charts in the US in 1971.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice song!
Great. A simple line but a very catchy one.

6:01 AM  

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