Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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The Pedestrian - The Toss & Turn
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This is the lead single from the Pedestrian's long time forthcoming debut album on Anticon. This also marks the first time I've heard the Pedestrian straight up rip it on the mic. Before this song I had heard only a few Pedestrian songs and they were all too weird for me (and I'm a fan of most of Anticon's work). I listened to a copy of the Anticon Label Sampler that was released earlier this year, which had two new cuts from the Pedestrian and I was amazed. The two songs (the other being Jane 2) were both more traditional hip hop than just about anything that I had heard from Anticon prior. This song features stellar production from Jel and a chorus that actually might make you want to dance. This song is currently available on the Anticon Label Sampler and the 12" single should be available in early November.


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